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Title:SOS Silence of Suicide
Category:Health: Mental Health

SOS Silence of Suicide provides comprehensive support for individuals experiencing mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts. It focuses on creating a safe space for open conversations about mental health, aiming to break the stigma around these topics. The website offers various resources, including a helpline for immediate assistance, information on mental health issues, personal stories, and guidance on how to support others facing similar struggles. Its mission is to encourage understanding, empathy, and open dialogue in the field of mental health.

Address:SOS Silence of Suicide, c/o Nexus Chambers, The Barbon Buildings, 14 Red Lion Square
Postal Code:WC1r 4QH
Phone Number:08081151505
Deep Links:common-conditions/anxiety-disorders/, mental-health, common-conditions/depression/, volunteer, fundraising
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